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I’ve been asked to be a judge for a photography contest! It’s something that doesn’t happen a lot for me, but when I heard that the four other judges are some of my favorite travel photographers, well, I was humbled. When I heard that they were giving away the new iPad (aka iPad3) to the winner of each category PLUS an overall prize of 2,000 British pounds (that’s over $3,100 USD according to google), well I was like, wow, where do I sign up? (To put it in context, Lonely Planet recently did a cover photography contest and their top prize was $500. This is quite generous). So I wanted to pass this on to you.

To be clear, I’m not entering, I get to judge the winners! But they’ve asked me to put together a post demonstrating how you can enter, which is really simple. You put together five photos from around the world (one from each color), write a little caption (preferably a little story or something witty, you have to give your readers some context) and nominate five other bloggers at the bottom of your post. (Like I do below).

Also: don’t forget to link to the contest page so people know how to enter.


Cole in Rishikesh, India. The water was really this green. It’s the beginning of the Ganges, and yes, we did take a brief, chilly dip into it. Cole and I would sit on the balcony of our room at the ashram and listen to the chanting at sunset.


Cole in Paris, France. His mouth is shoved full of candy here. We wanted to see the Louvre so badly and Cole wanted to take a nap. Like any good parents we hit a compromise — unmitigated access to sweets so Mom & Dad could take a whirlwind weekend tour of the city.


Cole in Essouira, Morocco. We loved/hated Morocco. I think we were a little travel burned out, the kids played rough with Cole, the vendors were so aggressive and it felt like a battle every time we made our way through the markets. The twisting alley ways in the Medina were lovely.


Cole in Beijing, China. This was the most dreary day but one of our favorites in Beijing. It was almost empty at the Summer Palace and Cole marched around in his over-sized winter coat like he was in a movie set. It definitely felt like it.


Cole in Beirut, Lebanon. Outside our house. Now Cole is over two years old, can climb almost anything in our house, including the one time he shimmed up the stairwell on the railing — inside the railing, mind you — up to the second floor and we nearly had a heart attack. He doesn’t wait for us anymore, he’s out the door, charging off, ready for adventure. He blows kisses to the old men drinking their tiny Turkish coffees by the shop and they call him “darling” in Arabic.

Hint: since this is largely a travel photography contest, you might not want to be quite as personal as I have here… maybe don’t do ONLY pictures of your child. 🙂

I’m nominating:

Wandering Photographer
Wired 2 The World
Snaps & Blabs
Captain and Clark

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